Human Factors / Warnings

Our Human Factors and Warnings Group includes professionals with hands-on experience in human vision (contrast, brightness, color, speed, and distance), perception, attention, reaction time, memory, conspicuity, response, and cognition; the effects of aging; the science of man-machine interfaces, including ergonomic design principles; warnings, including ANSI requirements; design functionality, including designing for foreseeable human error; and the effects of fatigue, drugs, and alertness.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
RichardHermance, FE, ACEVehicle Crash Reconstruction & Snowmobile ExpertVehicle crashes; snowmobile operations and functions, including safety; operator performance evaluations; speed determinations; skid/scrape analysis; deformation/penetration analysis; vehicle and component research and testing; seat belts, including child restraints; pedestrian and bicycle incidents; crash computer simulations; trail design and safety, including signage; human factors, including daytime/nighttime visibility and reaction times; occupant trajectory; motorcycles, ATVs, racing cars, and watercraft; buses, motor homes, and trailers, including campers; dynamic traction analysis; injury and crash biomechanics; Crash Data Recorder (CDC) analysis; acceleration and braking tests; farm equipment.
Daniel B.Kennedy, PhD, CPP, CSPSecurity & Safety ExpertPremises security and safety including planning, implementation and evaluation; crime forseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; police pursuits; custodial suicides; failure to protect; health care services; confinement conditions; surveillance security systems; profiling and threat assessment; workplace violence; security training management and administration; police administration; investigation methodology; comparative security; victimology; inmate counseling; rape and sexual violence; spousal abuse; residence and lodging security; mall and parking lot safety and security; loss prevention; shoplifting; crime scene profiling; victimized tourists; insanity judgments; correctional reform; cocaine-related violence; crowd and riot control; school violence; negligent hiring; police liability.
RobPainter, ASE, CFL, CFEI, CVFI, CFATESenior Forensic Vehicle AnalystVehicle transponders, ignition locks, steering columns, and anti-theft systems; vehicle fraud; production and testing of keys and locks; air bags; fire and explosion origin and cause; vehicle collision repair; auto and medium/heavy duty trucks; vehicle brakes, steering, suspension, engines, drive train, axles, air conditioning, and electrical/electronic components; auto dealership management.
Robert J.Schutz, PE, PS, CBOEngineer/SurveyorConstruction/survey claims; premises/professional liabilities; building codes, including mechanical, fuel gas, plumbing, electrical, environmental, and energy; land use law; environmental management; building materials and installation; preparation and review of residential, commercial, and government construction documents; water and sewer utilities; gas line construction/installation; roadway projects; engineered wood products; building and roof structural designs; topographic mapping; swimming pool design; mobile home park designs; disaster mitigation; aircraft hangars; code training and certification; damaged and dilapidated structures; examiner and field inspector; foundations; roadway projects; planner/sanitarian/epidemiologist.