Vocational / Life Care Planning

Our Vocational and Life Care Planning Group includes professionals with hands-on experiences in the areas of vocational testing and life care planning (including data analysis of medical, financial, and educational needs). Our services include Rehabilitation Plans, Vocational Testing, Loss of Earnings, and Medical and Psychological Data Interpretation.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
John A.Pullman, P.Ed., CRCVocational ExpertVocational testing and rehabilitations; work capacity evaluations; physical testing; transferable skills/job analysis; ergonomic modifications; Life Care Plan research; Alternate Dispute Resolution; Transitional Work Program; Functional Job Analysis; physical therapy; work conditioning; employer incentive contracts; return to work monitoring; case management services; drug-free work place safety policy; Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act.
TeresaTrent, CRC, CDMS, CCM, ABVE/DVocational ExpertVocational rehabilitation; short and long term disability; workers' compensation; employability assessments; job seeking; skills training; job placement and development; labor market surveys; job-site analyses.