Elevators / Escalators

Our Elevators and Escalators Group includes experts with hands-on experience with all forms of personal and product conveyances. They are supported by our Fire/Explosion Investigators; Architects; and Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Material, and Biomechanical Engineers.

In addition to passenger elevators and escalators, these experts are experienced with personal home conveyances, freight elevators, and dumbwaiters. Their qualifications and experience include design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance.
Oftentimes, these investigations involve controller/safety defects, improper warnings, maintenance issues, mis-levelings, and falls/trips. Our experts can assist in determining potentially liable parties, including designers, manufacturers, installers, owners, operators, service/maintenance contractors, vandals, and/or the injured plaintiffs.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
GaryEasley, QEIElevator & Escalator ExpertElevator damage, malfunction, and personal injury; root cause failure analysis; supervision of mechanics, pipe fitters and electrical/instrument craftsmen; certification, inspection and record keeping of ASME, state regulations, and/or OSHA regulations.
Jon L.FilliezElevator & Escalator ExpertElevator and escalator maintenance, service and repair; elevator and escalator damage and malfunction evaluations; long range elevator modernization projects.
Richard A.GregoryElevator/ Escalator ExpertLitigation (plaintiff and defense) involving damage, malfunction, or personal injury/death involving elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and similar equipment; ANSI/ASME A17 Code interpretation and compliance; elevator/escalator maintenance programs; inspections and condition assessments; control systems and controllers; construction and modernization; contract negotiations.