Computers / IP / Document ID

Our Computers, Document Identification, and Intellectual Property Group include professionals with hands-on experience in the areas of computers, trademarks, patents, and all aspects of intellectual property management, handwriting analysis, handprints, and electronic data discovery (EDD). Our forensic services include systems security analysis, text search and keyword search, data recovery, image search, password recovery, hard drive scrubbing, hard drive back-up and data imaging, e-mail search and discovery, internet activity search and reports, software comparisons and infringements, and electronic risk analysis.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
Andrew T.Cobb, PhD, CCEIntellectual Property ExpertThe discovery of electronic documents; computer forensics; the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer data; software analysis; Java programming; Web Application Modeling (UML); Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD); Unified Process Methodology; ontology; object-oriented software measurement; defect identification and management; technology disputes; software architecture, process, and quality; security auditing; secure programming; web usability; quality assurance; backup/recovery and maintenance; TCP/IP-based applications; web development; Rational Unified Process (RUP); analog and digital electronics; electrical power and machinery; computer programming; electrical controls; medical imaging research; embedded controllers.
Gerald S.ColeCertified Latent Print ExaminerMr. Cole has more than 50 years’ experience as a Latent Print Examiner. His experience and expertise includes comparison and identification of fingerprint impressions; training; international technical assistance; crime scenes; AFIS computer database; Life Scan computer; counterfeit documents; laboratory reports; and photography laboratory.

Gerry is certified by the International Association for Identification. He has given professional instruction and training to police, governmental, legal, and private organizations, both nationally and internationally.
Chadwick R.CurryVisual Communications ExpertVisual communication presentations including: animation, 3D modeling, graphic design, computer ACAD and multimedia; effectively communicate technical data, educational materials, forensic information, building and land development plans and commercial designs; produce accurate demonstratives for jury trials based on forensic investigations, data, expert analysis, and attorney's strategies; work extensively with the legal, engineering, architectural, scientific, commercial and industrial, educational, corporate and land and building development communities.
John W.Hargett, IIIForensic Document ExaminerIdentification of handwriting, signatures, and hand printing; determination as to the sequence of preparation of documents or parts of documents; analysis of other features of documents that may provide information of evidentiary value.
Timothy M.OpsitnickIntellectual Property ExpertElectronic risk management; electronic document discovery; document management systems; electronic data warehousing; electronic data processing; internet document discovery; computer forensics; electronic technologies; internet web site development.
CecilRobinsonMachine/Machining & Computer ExpertMachinery and machining operations and safety; contract manufacturing; ISO 9001 quality processes; ERP software; equipment design; machine shop support; contract machining; computer networking; Unix equipment; engineering drafting; equipment lab and field testing.